If there is one place in the Sanctuary where the sound of falling water is ever present, it will be the Koi River Valley. This is the place where everyone has space for a simple and wonderful carps’ experience.

In a land engulfed with a variety of tropical plants holds the ponds and streams free from geometric to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. There, hundreds of colorful carps live in its clear azure water.

Simply laze by the pond and throw yourself into any of the activities of these beautiful fishes allows you to refresh your spirit and totally unwind in this jungle stimulated environment.


Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary
(Taman Rama-rama & Reptilia Melaka)

Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka, Malaysia. (Map)

Opens daily from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. For more information please call (606) 232 0033.

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