Want to know more about snakes? Fascinated by the beauty of snakes that come in just about every color? Come along with us in our Reptile Garden where “LEGLESS ARE NO HANDICAPE!”

From ancient history, snakes form has been celebrated in the art and poetry of many different cultures. Representation of snakes are to be seen in the sacred book of the Christian where the subtle and beguiling serpent was condemned for encouraging the first women into betraying God and was therefore responsible for the first original sin.

In other parts of the world, snake legends and beliefs too have been incorporated into the folklore of many countries: for example, a gigantic snake name Sesha plays an important and positive role in Hindu Legend. In Asia, many adopted the 12-year calendar cycle in which every year is represented by an animal, snake being one of them.

It is believed that those born in the year of snakes are considered wise, persistent in business and enjoy good fortune. Put these aside, we at the Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary are simply the snake lovers. We believe that one will not take long to fall in love with these magnificent creatures. Come along with us and take a closer look on their scales, appreciate their incredible mobility, watch-out for their defensive postures and so on.

These reptiles are indeed full of mystery and completely adorable. Be it boas, pythons, vipers or cobras, we have them all under one roof. Here, our giant Burmese python awaits you! Where SIZE DOES MATTER, amazed by our 20 foot reticulated python of which many associate the species as fearsome man-eaters.

See for yourself on how the long-nose whip snakes camouflage themselves in the leaves with its slender twig-like body and green scales. For beginners, you’ll quickly become impressed by our collections of snakes. For reptiles’ lovers, it is truly an area never to be missed!


Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary
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