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Stick Insect Serra + Housing Kit

RM 85.00

Stick Insect Serra

(Phobaeticus serratipes)

Origin: Malaysia

Life span: 5 to 10 months

Nymph: about 3cm

Length of an adult: 40 - 45cm


Young nymph, feeds on young and soft mango leaf; 

adult, feeds on normal mango leaf

Care tips: Stick insects break their limbs easily. They will regenerate a new one when they molt. As the stick insect grows, a suitable container size for it is 3 times its body length.

What you get

RM85 per head (FREE delivery WM)

1 head of leaf insect (nymph)

1 housing kit

1 glass bottle to attach mango leaf

some fresh mango leaf (for the start)